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Becoming a Follower of Christ

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Studying the material on this website will help you know the truth about Christ. But knowing the truth about Him and following Him are different things. Knowledge merely engages our minds, following Christ is a choice we make with our wills. If you want to follow Him, please ask yourself these questions:


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Baptism is an essential part of the salvation process. Our sins are forgiven and we become followers of Christ when we are baptized.

Baptism is performed by totally immersing a person in water who wishes to become a follower of Christ. The water itself has no special power. The act of baptism is not a work of merit which earns salvation. It is God who saves through the blood of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, God has made baptism the point at which a penitent believer is saved.

The Worship Assembly

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Now that you have become a follower of Christ, you need to grow in your knowledge of Him and try to become like Him. An important part of this is meeting regularly with other followers to worship together and to encourage one another.