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1 Peter

Wives (3:1-6)

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It is very easy for us humans to find fault and to criticize someone else’s family. It is harder for us to take an honest look at our own. The fact is that all of us who follow Jesus need to make sure that we are treating our families in a way that pleases God.

Servants and Harsh Masters (2:18-20)

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Our religion should be more than just giving lip-service to a set of beliefs. Our actions in the course of everyday life should be proof of the things we say we believe. In view of this, how should a Christian servant act towards his employer?

Relationship to Government (2:13-17)

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In chapter 2, verses 11 and 12 of his first letter the Apostle Peter gives two principles that should govern Christian behavior. These principles are to abstain from sinful desires, and to live good lives. But it is one thing to give principles and quite another to put them into practice. How do these principles actually apply to our daily lives? In the rest of his letter Peter gives several practical examples of how the followers of Christ should conduct themselves.

Principles Governing Christian Behavior (2:11-12)

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The Apostle Peter writes his first inspired letter to people who have had to suffer as a result of following Jesus Christ. From the beginning of his letter through chapter 2, verse 10 Peter has encouraged and reassured his readers that the salvation they have received as a result of their faith in Jesus is extremely valuable and that God has given them a very high and honorable position. But the true test of belief is whether we are willing to make changes in the way we live as a result of our beliefs. The person who truly believes in and follows Jesus will have a very different life-style and attitude from the person who does not.

The Cornerstone and a People Belonging to God (2:7-10)

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In chapter 2 of his first letter Peter described the followers of Jesus as living stones which are being built into a spiritual temple, that is the church. Jesus himself is the chief cornerstone upon which this temple is built. Peter continues his discussion of the cornerstone in verses 7 through 8.

Living Temple (2:4-6)

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The Bible records many names given to Jesus. These names are either titles of honor or are given to Him to describe some aspect of His personality or His position. In chapter one of his first letter, the Apostle Peter has referred to Jesus as the Christ, as Lord, and as a lamb. In chapter two, Peter calls Jesus “a living Stone.”

Seed (1:23-2:3)

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In chapter 1, verse 22 of his first letter the Apostle Peter has instructed the followers of Jesus to love one another with the kind of love that God has. How is this possible? How can people who by nature hate and bear malice love like God?

Truth and Love (1:22)

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In the first part of his first letter Peter writes about the relationship between God and the followers of Christ. God has redeemed the Christian from sin by the priceless sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In return the Christian has a responsibility to do nothing that would dishonor that great sacrifice. But the sacrifice of Jesus should do more than restore our relationship with God. It should also cause us to have a different view of other people. In verse 22, Peter writes, “Seeing you have purified your souls in your obedience to the truth through the Spirit in sincere brotherly affection, love one another from the heart fervently:”

Last Days (1:20-21)

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What is it that makes life worth living? According to the Apostle Peter it is Jesus’ sacrifice of His own life which has redeemed us from the useless way of life handed down to us by our forefathers.

Reverent Fear, Lamb Without Defect (1:17-19)

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In the opening of his first letter, the Apostle Peter has reminded the followers of Jesus Christ of the great blessings they have received because of their faith. These blessings are so great that a Christian can rejoice even though he is suffering as a result of his faith. But while the blessings result from the follower of Jesus’ relationship to Christ, they also place an obligation upon the Christian – that is to be holy.