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The Word Is Near You (10:5-13)

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There is a saying that, “Ignorance gets us into trouble and pride keeps us there.” The reason pride often prevents us from escaping the situation we are in is that we don’t like to admit that we are wrong. We don’t like to confess that we have made a mistake.

A Righteousness That Is By Faith (9:27-10:4)

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When a painter paints a picture the paint does not have any right to say what kind of picture he should paint. When a potter forms a utensil the clay does not have any say in what kind of pot it ought to be. Further, the painter and the potter can destroy their work if they so choose. The paint and the clay have no right to complain about it. Though this is obvious to us regarding the things we make, we object when the same principle is applied to us. God created us. He has the right to make us however He likes and He has the right to honor us or to destroy us if He so chooses. Nevertheless, we object and say that God is not just when we find ourselves under His condemnation.

God’s Purpose (9:1-18)

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One of the messages of the Apostle Paul’s inspired letter to the church at Rome is that there is nothing which can separate the followers of Christ from God’s love. No matter what the situation is; whatever dangers or persecution they may have to face, there is nothing in all of heaven or earth which can prevent God from bringing good out of it for those who love Him.

More Than Conquerors (8:28-39)

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There are great benefits to belonging to Christ. For example, He frees us from our slavery to sin. God also promises the followers of Christ that they will share in Christ’s glory. Unfortunately, there is also a cost to following Christ. If we wish to share in Christ’s glory, we must also be willing to share in His sufferings.

Glorious Freedom (8:18-27)

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We usually do not like to wait. If we have a need, we want that need to be met now – not at some future date. For example, if we are hungry, we want to eat now, not next week. The longer it takes for our meal to be prepared, the more impatient we become.

Sons of God (8:9-17)

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Children often look like their parents. For example, a daughter looks the same as her mother did at the same age. She has the same dimple in her chin. Her smile is the same. Her nose has the same shape. Sometimes these physical resemblances hold true for several generations.

Nothing Good Lives In Me (7:14-25)

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Slavery has been part of the story of mankind for most of recorded history. It seems that all peoples and all cultures have, at one time or another, practiced slavery. Even today, when most countries have outlawed the practice, many thousands of people are sold into bondage each year. Many thousands of others are kept in virtual slavery through unjust labor policies or by means of debts which are almost impossible to repay.

Sin Killed Me (7:7-13)

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Most people would probably agree that newborn babies are innocent. They have done nothing wrong or bad. In the same way, most would agree that small children are also innocent though they do things which we would never accept or tolerate from adults. Why do we consider young children innocent even though they misbehave? It is because they do not know right from wrong. They do not know what is expected of them. They do not know anything about social etiquette.

A New Way of Service (7:1-6)

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Most people agree that the way to please God is to live a holy and blameless life. They are right. However, the problem we face is that we are not holy and blameless. All of us have violated God’s standards and become sinners. In this way, God’s Law which was supposed to direct us and show us how we ought to live, condemns us instead. As soon as we violate God’s Law, we are liable for the penalty of breaking it.

Slaves To Righteousness (6:17-23)

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Scripture tells us that God is good. Yet, we need only look around us to see that evil is everywhere. If God is good, then why is there so much evil? Not only is evil very prevalent, it often seems like it is increasing and getting worse in character. Why does a good, all-powerful God permit it?