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Sons of God (8:9-17)

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Children often look like their parents. For example, a daughter looks the same as her mother did at the same age. She has the same dimple in her chin. Her smile is the same. Her nose has the same shape. Sometimes these physical resemblances hold true for several generations.

Nothing Good Lives In Me (7:14-25)

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Slavery has been part of the story of mankind for most of recorded history. It seems that all peoples and all cultures have, at one time or another, practiced slavery. Even today, when most countries have outlawed the practice, many thousands of people are sold into bondage each year. Many thousands of others are kept in virtual slavery through unjust labor policies or by means of debts which are almost impossible to repay.

Sin Killed Me (7:7-13)

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Most people would probably agree that newborn babies are innocent. They have done nothing wrong or bad. In the same way, most would agree that small children are also innocent though they do things which we would never accept or tolerate from adults. Why do we consider young children innocent even though they misbehave? It is because they do not know right from wrong. They do not know what is expected of them. They do not know anything about social etiquette.

A New Way of Service (7:1-6)

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Most people agree that the way to please God is to live a holy and blameless life. They are right. However, the problem we face is that we are not holy and blameless. All of us have violated God’s standards and become sinners. In this way, God’s Law which was supposed to direct us and show us how we ought to live, condemns us instead. As soon as we violate God’s Law, we are liable for the penalty of breaking it.

Slaves To Righteousness (6:17-23)

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Scripture tells us that God is good. Yet, we need only look around us to see that evil is everywhere. If God is good, then why is there so much evil? Not only is evil very prevalent, it often seems like it is increasing and getting worse in character. Why does a good, all-powerful God permit it?

Alive To God (6:8-17)

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Many people have a negative view of religion, and Christianity in particular, because they think of it in terms of prohibitions. In their minds, religions consist of a list of rules which prevent them from doing what they want to do.

We Died To Sin (5:20-6:7)

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We have a tendency to think that if something is good, more is better. However, this often is not true. For example, if taking medicine cures you of an illness it does not mean that a larger dose will be even more beneficial. On the contrary, a larger dose might kill you. Likewise, we need to eat a certain amount of food in order to live. It does not follow that more food is always beneficial. If we eat too much it can lead to all sorts of health problems.

Through One Man (5:12-19)

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Regardless of whether we are rich or poor, whether we are highly educated or have no schooling at all, no matter where we live or whatever our background and culture happens to be, we all have one thing in common: we die. How did death come into the world?

At Just The Right Time (5:1-11)

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God loves us. Even though we have alienated and separated ourselves from Him by our sin, He still cares for us. Since it is impossible for us to wipe away the effects of sin through our own efforts God made a way. Jesus Christ took our guilt upon Himself and paid our debt through His death on the cross. God credits righteousness to all who put their faith in Jesus and in His sacrifice.

The Promise Comes By Faith (4:13-25)

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When God created man, He not only made him in His own likeness, He also gave him free will. We humans have the right to choose whether we will live according to God’s standards or not. Unfortunately, we have all chosen to do our will rather than God’s will. We have sinned and our sin has separated us from our Creator. However, God still loves us. He wishes to heal the breach that is between us because of our sin. How can God do this? By what principle can God declare us righteous without allowing our sin to go unpunished?