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Straight Paths

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A Road Through the Wilderness

Oftentimes we think we have our lives all figured out. We know what we want to do. We have decided our direction. We make all kinds of elaborate plans to achieve our goals.

At first, things may seem to go well. Our plan unfolds just as we determined it should. But then, things start to go wrong. We discover that there are factors involved which we did not take into account. Things we did not even know about suddenly arise. Our carefully laid plans no longer fit reality.

To Whom Do We Belong?

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Cows Eating

If you were to ask most people to whom they belong, they would probably answer, “I don’t belong to anyone. I m not a slave!” It is very true that we like to think of ourselves as free and independent. We control our own lives. No one can tell us what to do! But are we really independent? Do we really have no master, who controls or oversees our lives?

Talk and Work

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Spit and Whittle Club

Human beings are born with the capacity to dream and imagine. We can envision things which do not yet exist. We can travel to other places in our minds. We picture ourselves solving the world’s problems, building new or great things and acting heroically in the midst of crisis. We often hear children say things like, “When I grow up I’m going to...” Even as adults we boast, “If I were in charge I’d...” or “When I get a little bit of money I’ll...”

How Long Will You Waver?

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What To Do?

Have you ever been in a situation where, no matter what you do, you will offend someone? Have you ever had to decide between two courses of action, knowing that either choice you make will have negative consequences? Have you been confused about what to believe? You hear two things; both seem reasonable, yet both cannot be true. To accept one means to deny the other.


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Victim of a Terror Attack

We human beings are an inconsistent lot. When we have done something wrong, we want other people, and especially God, to show us mercy. On the other hand, when someone has done something against us, we want justice. In fact, if we are honest with ourselves, it is not merely justice we want, we want vengeance. We want to pay others back for what they have done to us. We want to do more to them than they have done to us. We want to destroy them.

I Know Nothing, Except...

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone rejected what you said or your expertise because you are not able to put the right “letters” after your name? “What do you know? You never went to college.” Society puts a lot of emphasis on degrees and credentials. It can be difficult to get a job unless you have been to the right school or have a certificate saying that you took a certain course. Many people equate the piece of paper with authority.

Then I Understood

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Children Praying

Has it ever seemed to you that you are being punished for doing the right thing? Perhaps you tried to help someone only to have them question your motives. Perhaps you told the truth only to be rebuked for it. Perhaps your honesty resulted in monetary loss. Perhaps people laugh at you because you won’t take a bribe. Perhaps people cheat you and take advantage of your integrity and righteousness.

True Fasting

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Emaciated Man

Many religions teach that it is a good thing to fast. In fact, some religions require it. They set aside certain days or certain months when people are supposed to not eat as they normally would. Many people think that abstaining from food for a long period of time is an act of merit which will make them more pleasing to God. In exchange for not eating, they receive righteousness. But how does God view fasting? What kind of fast is truly pleasing to Him?

He Must Become Greater

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Men Playing On A See-Saw

Many people have the idea that advancement in life is like a child’s see-saw – if the person on one side of the see-saw goes up the person on the other end inevitably goes down. According to this way of thinking, a person can only get ahead at the expense of someone else. This is why people undermine their fellow workers and try to make them look bad – “If he stumbles, it will make me look better”. They think that their success depends on other people failing.

Sheep Without A Shepherd

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Wandering Sheep

Whether it is in our homes, our place of business, our religious institutions, or our government, we expect those who are in authority over us to do what is best for us. We expect them to have the wisdom and understanding to lead us in such a way that our lives will become better than they were before. Whenever a leader puts his own agenda and his own self-interest ahead of the welfare of those in his care, those under him are sure to suffer. Even worse than a leader who allows his own selfish desires to interfere with his responsibility to lead, nurture and protect those under him is the leader who deliberately deceives, manipulates and misleads. It would be better for the people to have no leader at all than one who abuses, oppresses and takes advantage of them.