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The following literature is available:


The Process of Salvation

This is an explanation of man's part in being reconciled to God.


Urdu Bible

Two different translations of the Bible in Urdu are available for downloading. One has been prepared by the International Bible Society. The other by the World Bible Translation Center.


Hindi Bible

A Hindi translation of the Bible may be downloaded from the World Bible Translation Center.


English Bible

There are many English translations of the Bible. You may browse the text of the ESV (English Standard Version) translation. You may also view or download portions of the World English Bible (WEB) which is in the Public Domain and is still in the translation process.


Outline of Bible History

The Bible records how God has interacted with human history from the very beginning. This book gives a good overview of how God has affected history and what it means for us. Our program series, Uruj-o-Zawal is based on this book.


Pilgrim's Progress

Ever since it was first published in 1678, The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan has encouraged and blessed untold thousands. It is the book on which we based one of our most popular radio programs Misali Safar. Though the language is over 300 years old, and may be somewhat difficult to understand, the book is still worth reading.