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One of the most frightening punishments that can be afflicted on anyone is to place him in solitary confinement. He is shut up all by himself. There is no one to talk to, no one to laugh with, no one to share his hopes, burdens or ideas with. He is left alone with his own thoughts and his own conscience. Those who are left for a long time in solitary confinement, with no interaction with other people, quite often go insane.

Why is this? It is because God created us as social beings. He designed us to interact with others. We are far more than just thinking machines; we are spiritual beings who need fellowship. This need for fellowship can be met only partially by interacting with animals and our environment. We need each other. God, Himself said after He created Adam, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18 NIV)

However, there is an even worse form of isolation than being cut off from interaction with our fellow human beings. God told Adam that the penalty for breaking His instructions was death. The basic meaning of the word ‘death’ is ‘separation.’ What God meant is that our sin cuts us off from fellowship and interaction with God.

Scripture tells us that at the final judgment, those who’s names are not found in the “Book of Life” will experience the “second death.” It will be equivalent to being sentenced to solitary confinement for eternity. How horrible to be totally alone, forever! If being cut off from human interaction is enough to drive people insane, can you imagine being cut off and separated forever from our Creator and giver of life?

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Even though we have broken our fellowship with our Creator because of our sin, He has made it possible for us to restore our relationship with Him. He does it through Jesus Christ. Jesus sacrificed Himself so that we might live. The question is whether we will accept His sacrifice or whether we will choose eternal solitude.