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Qudrati Aafat

The Testing of Faith

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How can we determine the quality of something? We can do it only by examining or testing it. For example, if you want to judge the quality of a piece of paper, you might look at its color, feel its texture, measure its dimensions and see how easily it tears. If you wanted to evaluate an automobile you might consider how many kilometers it can go per liter of fuel, how many people can ride in it, how much luggage it can carry, how comfortable the ride is and whether it is capable of going up hills without slowing down.


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Why are natural disasters so deadly? We read of entire villages being swept away by flood waters. We hear of cities being leveled by earthquakes. Elsewhere, people perish when their houses are destroyed by wild-fire. Why do so many people die in this way? Why are so many made destitute? One reason is that people refuse to heed warnings of impending trouble and prepare for it.


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We often feel quite helpless. Things happen which we feel are totally beyond our control. For example, the price of food goes up and suddenly, it is harder to feed our families. Or, a new regulation is passed which places an extra burden on us. No one consulted us about the price rise, we had no say when the regulation was written – yet these things impact our lives. As King Solomon said long ago, “Since a king’s word is supreme, who can say to him, “What are you doing?”” (Ecclesiastes 8:4 NIV)

Sharing With Those In Need

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What is religion? Some would answer that question by saying that it is religion which defines our relationship with God. Others say that religion is believing certain teachings or doctrines. Still others think that religion consists of performing certain rituals such as fasting and saying prescribed prayers. According to the Bible however, religion is more than acknowledging God. It is more than believing certain things. It is more than going through rituals. Our religion should also affect how we live and how we treat those around us. Scripture says, “Religion that God our Father accepts is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27 NIV)

Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of Christ

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When we suffer as the result of some disaster; when our home is flattened by an earthquake or is washed away by a flood, our natural tendency is to ask, “Why is this happening to me? Doesn’t God see? Doesn’t He care what is happening to me?”

Why Does God Allow Us To Suffer In Natural Disasters?

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It is a rare thing indeed when, somewhere around the world, someone is not suffering as a result of a natural disaster. In one part of the world a volcano erupts and covers houses and fertile fields with hot mud and ash. Somewhere else there is a landslide which destroys a road. In still another place there is an earthquake which destroys a city. In another place a hurricane or tornado drives people from their homes. In another land, a cloud of locusts destroys the crops just before harvest. Somewhere else the waves rise and pull whole villages into the sea. Still elsewhere, a fire destroys the forest and consumes nearby buildings. The smoke from the flames makes it hard to breath. While one place is being destroyed by drought, another place is being swept away by floods.

Effects of the Fall

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Rain is an essential part of nature. Without rainfall, rivers and lakes would soon dry up and crops would wither and die. Without crops, people would soon be in danger of starvation. If the rain fails for a prolonged period of time the land turns into a desert waste where little, if anything, can live. Such droughts can change the course of history.