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Everything We Need

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A Dry Goods Store

Often we blame our situation on a lack of resources. “If I only had a little more money, I wouldn’t always be behind in my payments!” “If I had a rich uncle I’d have a nicer house!” If my boss wasn’t prejudiced I wouldn’t be passed over for promotion!” “If I had more education people would respect me more!” To put it another way, we feel that we lack the things we need and blame the lack on external factors which are beyond our control.

Even worse, we sometimes use the lack of resources as an excuse to avoid doing things we know we ought to do. “If my work didn’t demand so much from me, I could spend more time with you, son.” “How can I show hospitality to others when I barely have enough to feed my own family?”

No Greater Joy

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There is no question that raising children is difficult. In addition to the expense and hard work involved in raising them, children often bring us much pain, heartache and sorrow. In spite of the work and sorrow which children bring, people continue to have them because children also bring us much joy, laughter and love. The benefits of having children far outweigh the difficulties. As Jesus said, “A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.” (John 16:21 NIV) The same is true as a child grows – the joy overshadows the anguish.

A Quiet Life

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A Quiet Occupation

We all know them – those annoying people who mind everybody’s business but their own. They give advice where it is not wanted. They loudly proclaim their opinions even though nobody has asked what they think. They have a solution even when there is no problem – and, even if there were a problem, what they propose would only make things worse. Worst of all, they tell everyone how they should live while their own lives and homes are in shambles. They see no irony in telling you how to invest your money while at the same time asking you for a small loan to tide them over some “unexpected and temporary” financial embarrassment. Needless to say, we not only find such people annoying, we do not respect them.

Running The Race

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A Girl Running

Every four years athletes from all over the world gather and compete to see who is the best. They work hard and go through rigorous training in order to prepare themselves for the contest. However, all the hard work and training does not guarantee success. Any number of things can happen which interfere with an athlete’s performance. And, in any case, only one person receives the prize. We are blessed that receiving a heavenly reward does not depend on our physique, our skills or random chance.


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Success! Everybody wants it, yet few obtain it. At least as the world views success.

What is success, anyway? Many define it as having a large bank account or many possessions. Others view success as having power or influence. Still others equate it with fame. In reality, however, success simply means accomplishing what we set out to do or achieving a goal. The poor man who accomplishes his desire to raise polite and respectful children is at least as successful as the millionaire who acquires a company he desired to own. The unknown housewife who accomplishes her goal of maintaining a clean and welcoming home for her husband is as least as successful as the movie star who achieves fame.

Who Is Responsible?

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Terror Victim

When things don’t go as we think they should, we like to fix the blame on someone. We want to hold someone responsible for what went wrong. Assuming we are not merely trying to blame someone else for our own shortcomings, this desire is tied up with our sense of justice. Those who do wrong should pay – especially those who cause injury or harm.

Much Study Wearies...

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Much Study Wearies

Our society and culture put a tremendous emphasis on education. We send children to school at earlier and earlier ages. We pressure our young people to enter college. We place great value on degrees, certificates and academic credentials.

There is no question that learning and training are good things. The more we know the easier it is to make good decisions; the easier it is to navigate life. A solid grasp of mathematics, the language arts, history and philosophy can be very beneficial. But, as with anything else, giving too high a priority to education can be harmful.


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The universe in which we live, particularly the earth upon which we live, is a beautiful place. When we gaze upon the creation we see unending variety, a profusion of shapes, colors, tastes sounds and sensations. No matter how closely we look with our microscopes or how far we probe with our telescopes we uncover yet more awe-inspiring mystery.


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Monarch Butterfly

One of the great blessings God has given to us humans is the ability to imagine. Because we can imagine we can visualize things that do not yet exist. Our imagination also allows us to think about how things would be different if we changed this or that. Imagining what might happen helps us to avoid harm, or encourages us to try something different in order improve our situation. It is our imagination which allows mankind to make progress. Without the ability to see beyond what currently exists, there would be no invention, no striving to try something new.

The Pattern

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Stained Glass Mosaic

Many people have the idea that it doesn’t really matter what you believe as long as you are sincere. Since God is loving, He would never rebuke or punish anyone for holding an honest opinion, would He?!

Those who think like this may be basing their assertion on several assumptions which are not necessarily correct. One such assumption is that all philosophies and religions are basically the same – there is no moral difference between them – they are just different paths to God. However, even a little thought shows that this cannot be so. Two philosophies or religions which contradict each other – particularly about the nature of God – cannot both be right.