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A Time For Everything

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Clock Tower

Solomon once wrote, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” (Proverbs 13:12 NIV) It is true that we get upset when life doesn’t conform to our expectations. We certainly don’t like it when someone promises us something, but we have to wait for him to fulfill his promise. For example, our promotion is delayed because of unexpected business pressure, or the cure for our illness takes longer than the doctor thought. If it takes too long for our hopes to be realized, we even begin to doubt the sincerity of the person who made the promise.

I Was Blind

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Blind Man

Have you ever had an insight which suddenly enabled you to understand something which was a mystery to you before? Sometimes these insights are so radical and satisfying that it is like receiving new sight. We were blind, but now we can see. Our perspective is totally different than it was before.

Unfortunately, it may not be so easy to get others to see the same as we now do. The truth may now be clear to us; the solution to a problem may now be obvious; the answer to a dilemma may now be absolutely plain – but others are unable or unwilling to accept it. While we see, they remain blind.

A Bruised Reed

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For most of us, life is not easy. Since we are not the recipients of inherited wealth, we have to work for our livings. Many of us earn our bread by hard labor – or at tasks we do not particularly enjoy. Even those of us who do enjoy our work are often faced with problems and situations in our work which are not enjoyable. From time-to-time, almost everyone experiences illness or poor health. All of us go through times of heartache and grief because of the loss of loved ones. All of us encounter disappointment.

Even though all of these things are a normal part of life, they take a toll on us. It is easy to become discouraged. It is easy to lose heart. It is easy to let the disappointments and sorrows of life wear us down. It is easy to question our own worth.

Dog or Lion?

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Would it be better to be a dog or a lion? Most people would probably say it would be better to be a lion. Why? Because in many cultures lions are associated with royalty. We call them “the king of the jungle.” We consider them stately, noble and courageous. Many well-born families use the lion as a symbol of their household.

In contrast, some cultures regard dogs as “unclean” animals. A common perception is that they are dirty, smelly, mangy and noisy. Besides, they eat their own vomit.

A Covenant With My Eyes

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We tend to blame others for our problems. To excuse our own bad attitudes or our selfishness we will blame our parents, “That’s just how I was raised!” To excuse our laziness and lack of a work ethic we will blame our background, “I come from a poor family.” To excuse our performance on the job and, therefore, our lack of advancement, we blame the company, “They’re prejudiced against me because I’m...”

No Accounting Needed

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Account Book

Accounting departments exist for a very good reason: Without them it would be very difficult for businesses to operate. The accountants keep track of how much a firm owes to others. They pay the bills. They look after the accounts of those who owe the company money. They inform the decision makers in the company whether there is enough cash on hand to implement their strategies or whether it will be necessary to borrow money. They advise about investments.

Accountants have another extremely important function: They audit companies to make sure that their financial reports are accurate. They act as guardians or watchdogs to make sure that a company’s officers are not lying to the owners or clients about the financial health of the company. They also make sure that nobody is stealing from the company.

They Will Neither Harm Nor Destroy

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A Ruined City

There is no question that we live in a world which is torn apart by violence. Everywhere we look, people are at one another’s throats. Revolution, insurrection, uprisings, war and civil war seem to be the order of the day.

Unfortunately, war and revolution are not something new. Read any history book and you will discover that our past is steeped in blood. There are very few, if any, periods of history without fighting or bloodshed somewhere in the world. The impulse to fight, make war and impose our will on others – even by force – seems to be part of mankind’s nature. In the twentieth century alone, scores of millions died at the hands of their fellow human beings.

Let Him Contend For Himself

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An Idol

During an age when moral degeneracy and idol worship was everywhere, God told a man to take a stand for the truth. He instructed him to destroy the idol his own father had built and worshiped. The man obeyed. He tore down the idol and burned it, but he did it at night because he was afraid of what the other residents of the town would do to him if they found out.

The man’s fears were justified. The other men of the town became extremely angry when they saw their idol burnt and destroyed. They investigated and soon discovered who had done it. When they found out, they wanted to kill the man – even though he had acted on God’s orders.

Is There A Doctor In The House?

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A Child Who Needs Medical Care

To a certain degree we all have a difficult time accepting other people who are not just like us. When we encounter people from a different background or a different culture, we tend to think that they are odd or strange. Seldom do we entertain the idea that we might be the strange or odd ones.

Often times, this idea that people who are different from us are odd is also accompanied by fear. We fear the unknown and, since we do not understand the other culture or background, we become afraid of people who are different than we are. Unfortunately, to compensate for our own insecurities and fears, we may start to ridicule the other person or begin to despise them. This can lead to racism and even hate. We seldom stop to think that we may be as objectionable to them as they are to us.

Freedom For What?

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Fat Man

We all desire freedom. We do not like it when others try to control our lives. We don’t like it when someone tries to force their opinion on us – we want the freedom to make up our own mind. Even worse is when someone tries to tell us what to do when we have not asked their advice – we do not like busybodies.

The same desire for freedom also holds true for society in general. When laws become too oppressive or interfere too much, without providing benefits to compensate, people become restless and dissatisfied. If governments go too far in trying to control people, they spark rebellion. Throughout history people have led many revolutions to gain freedom.